Our Values


We ensure that our work is inclusive of all voices.
Everyone deserves to be treated with the utmost respect regardless of their background, social identity or circumstances. That is why we challenge our own assumptions of others and will want to listen to people’s experiences and perspectives before making decisions. We encourage and embrace a diverse range of perspectives, even when a perspective may be hard to hear. Inappropriate language or behaviour will always be challenged at the LGA.


We are ambitious for councils and their communities and are committed to striving for excellence in all that we do to support our colleagues, our membership and the sector to deliver the best possible outcomes. We take pride in everything we do. When speaking about the work of the LGA or our member councils, we always communicate with a positive attitude and an enthusiasm for supporting the continuous improvement to building high quality, sustainable public services. We know we are more effective and can be more responsive to the needs of the sector when we work innovatively, while remaining honest and realistic about what can be achieved, how it will be done and when.


We bring together the expertise and skills needed, working as one team. Seeking out opportunities to develop our own networks and connections both within and outside of the LGA will always be encouraged. Everyone should feel comfortable in being able to share their experiences and their expertise if they think it could benefit others and also be open and willing to help when asked by others too. We won’t always get things right, so reaching out to each other and learning from our mistakes is encouraged.