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LGA is the voice of local government – help us make it stronger

Welcome to the LGA

Here at the LGA, we believe every local area should be a great place to live, work and raise a family. This is what motivates us as we work to support, improve and promote local government day in, day out.

We’re looking for our next chief executive: a leader with drive, determination and a fresh approach to lead the organisation to deliver our mission. A unique feature of the LGA  – and one of its great strengths – is that we are politically led and cross party. You will help the LGA ensure the LGA has support from, and reflects the priorities of, the full spectrum of councils  – and that we are an ambitious and bold membership organisation.

There is no denying that this is a challenging time for our sector, but it is also a time of opportunity. Local, national and global events are impacting our communities like never before and a general election is on the horizon. In a fast-moving and ever-changing environment, we are looking for a chief executive who will work with our political leadership, senior management team, sector professionals and the LGA workforce. You will help create the conditions to get the very best deal for councils and ensure we provide the very best improvement support for councils and the millions of people they support and serve.

You will understand the issues that matter most to councils and communities of all shapes, sizes, geography and political make-up, and you will use your knowledge and experience to advocate powerfully for local government in Westminster and Whitehall. Your work both inside and outside the organisation will help ensure that our improvement support for councils is the best it can be and that local government’s voice is stronger than ever.

You probably already know the LGA; perhaps from working with us in current or previous roles, attending our events or hearing us in the media or quoted in Parliament. Now is your chance to come and join us and bring your energy, vision, and expertise to lead a great team at a crucial time for local government.

Cllr Shaun Davies

Cllr Shaun Davies